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What do you need to sell your junk car? We're glad you asked. Picture identification and proof of ownership are all you need to sell your car. (a key helps) oh, and by the way, we'll tow it for FREE. So who wants to go first today? Call us today.


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Anywhere there's a junk car

We'll pick it up on the side of the road, at your house or just about anywhere. You can even drive it to us if you like. Cash for Junk Cars Chattanooga pays cash for junk cars in any condition.

Remember that we can buy your car with no title as long as you can prove that you own it. Some people become frustrated when they can't prove they own a car,  We do our best to communicate the requirements for selling a car and we pride ourselves on our custome service. 

Call us today.   423-308-3400

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Cash on the spot

Cash for Junk Cars Chattanooga buys junk cars all day every day! We'll pay cash for ANY junk car or truck. Wrecked, running, not running, title or no title.  Call us today and get paid CASH on the spot for your junk car


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Easy as....CAKE

Want to sell your junk car?  Well, of course you do.  So all you have to do now is call Cash for Junk Cars Chattanooga. It's the fastest, safe and simple way to sell a junk car. No gimmicks, no hassles and no hidden fees. 

So go ahead and dial the number already! Call now

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