Scrap prices are down

Scrap prices are at a three year low but who cares?  We don't!  We'll still give you top dollar for your car right now. Call today. 423 308 3400. Operators are standing by.

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Junk Vans Too!!

We pay CASH for junk vans too.  Call today 423-308-3400.  Operators are standing by.

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In case you were wondering

Just in case you were wondering......We pay CASH for ANY car. Junk cars, used cars, old cars, newer cars, wrecked cars, burned cars, stripped or whole cars, broke down cars, pretty cars, ugly cars, republican cars, democrat cars, conservative cars, liberal cars, independent cars, mean cars, nice cars, cars with an attitude, big cars, little cars, running or not running cars, Title or no title. Call today! Operators are standing by. 423-308-3400

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Just sitting there

Tired of that old car just sitting there gathering leaves?  We'll pay you cash on the the spot TODAY for your junk car.  Call now, operators are standing by.  423-308-3400

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